Content and Creative production

CMS content development & Production division was re-launched in 2013 as part of Creative Media Solutions turnkey services.


The Division is specialised in Edutainment production for TV and digital platforms, Film and TV Drama, Format Development, Interactive Content, and Creative Services.


The Division completes the Media Business triangle at Creative Media Solution (Operations - Technology - Content). 


Because we are based in Dubai this gave us access to the latest technologies and kept us authentic and understand how to create local content for a worldwide audience. 

Scope of work

- Creating original Formats.

- Production services.

- Branding and Creative services.

- Digital and Interactive Contents.

- Co Producing TV and Films.

- Content Development.

- Creative Lab for experimenting with new equipment, technologies and Storytelling techniques.  

If you have an Idea for program, TV series and feature film script, please pitch us your idea in an email, and we might get back to you with an investment opportunity. 

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Featured Production

Al Batal season 2: is the 1st Arab MMA reality show produced by (iSee entertainment), we have done the format and the content development of the show, the creative production, like always our creative and production team unite to create this project.

Was on air on FOX and FOXMovies,

  • 1st time in the region using the ISO 9001-2008 standards in reality production

  • 1st time in the region to have a green production in a reality show  


The show was nominated in 2 deferent categories in the Digital Studio Awards

and nominated for BroadcastPro award (long form production )  

And won the Highly Commended award 2015 for Post Production   


Affiliated with 

Our Values

We are commanded to create, produce and promote high end content with values that we believe it would make 


Educational entertainment is content designed to educate and to entertain the audience by offering them local content with values. 


It includes content that is primarily educational but has incidental entertainment value and content that is mostly entertaining but contains an educational value.


This approach emphasises fun and enjoyment, yet can give those learning a clearer idea of what they are learning.


Educational locations such as these are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to reach the surrounding public and get them interested in areas such as the fine arts, science, literature, history, sports, etc. 

Green Production 

As a business, we strive to have a minimal negative impact on the global and local environment, and community. We’re always contributing sustainably in processes that would help in reducing the carbon footprint and preserve the Earth for future generations. For that purpose, our plan is to reach a 100% environmentally friendly production process by 2020.


Since 2014 we aim to produce our content bearing in mind the environment and our impact, we choose our equipment and sets with the least environmental impact,  committing to almost paperless production, minimising transportation, recycling our waste, reusing and repurposing our props, and using local vegetarian food sources for catering for our staff. We always work to find practical ways to minimise our carbon emissions while delivering a message of sustainability to our team and partners.


This project follows ISO 9001:2008 standards. 

This Project considered Green Productiom craiterias

Campaigns Production

Client: WWF-EWS / UAE

Year: 2017

Project: Earth Hour 2017

Campaign Goal: Taking action to change climate change. #EarthHourUAE

This campaign was support for the earth hour UAE campaign.

Client: WWF-EWS / UAE

Year: 2015

Project: Earth Hour 2015

Campaign Goal: Earth Hour awareness campaign that reached more than 2.3 million viewers on social media


This campaign was support for the earth hour UAE campaign.

Promotional Campaigns Production

Client: Entourage

Year: 2016

Project: Yes Jordan (Jordan Tourism Board)

Campaign Goal: TV Commercial for Jordan Tourism Board promoting tourism in Jordan.

Client: Hourani Dental Lab

Year: 2016

Project: Corporate Video

Campaign Goal: a corporate video detailing Veneer procedure for International dental competition.

TV Programs

Client: Al Wusta TV From Al Dhaid

Year: 2016-2017

Project: TV Programs

We Produced 8 Programs about  (Heritage, Tourism, Traditions, Local Food, Education and young girls empowerment)

Client: Al Wusta TV From Al Dhaid

Year: 2016-2017

Project: TV Programs

We Produced 8 Programs about  (Heritage, Tourism, Traditions, Local Food, Education and young girls empowerment)

Client: Alsharqiya TV From Kalba

Year: 2016

Project: TV promos

Campaign Goal: a series of 20 episode promos, promoting Alsharqeya Region in Sharjah.

Upcoming Projects

Fiction (stage of production):

-  Born A King 2017 (Production) - Agusti Villaronga


-  Baghdad Perfume 2017 (Pre-Production)  - Roua Alazzawi

-  You’ll Die At 20 (Pre-Production) - Amjad Abu Alalaa

-  Slam 2017 (Pre-Production)  - Partho Sen-Gupta

-  On The Edge 2018 (Pre-Production) - Bassam Alasad

-  Jihadi Hunter 2019 (Development) - Bassam Alasad



TV Shows:

- Qalb Alhurr (Pre-Production) -  2017 - Mohammed Lotfi - Bedouin TV Series

- Zika Boys (Pre -Production - Web Series) 2017

- Bedouin of British Colombia 

- The Desert poet



-  Al Metrash - The Messenger (Alwusta TV) Post Production


Interactive media

-  Champions Without Borders (Interactive Documentary) 2017 

- Voices (Interactive digital program) Pre-production