Tabi360 Strategies & goals


Tabi360 established as a content development and production company in Dubai to Serve Gulf and MENA region. Tabi360 is specialized in Edutainment production, Format Development, Interactive Content, and Creative Services. Tabi360 completes the Media Business triangle at Creative Media Solution.

Based on the decision of Creative Media Solutions Tabi360 was established in 2015 to be Specialized in Content Development, in addition to CMSGulf  for Integration and Operations, and Integracast for Technology.

  • Purpose To be a leader in content Development by creating Arabic original Formats.

  • Vision To provide quality creative services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers and partners.

  • Mission statement To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional creative services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.


  • Core values•
  • We believe our creative work should pass certain values whether its in content development by using our own adapted Edutainment method, or in Production as we believe that we are part of this planet we need to be sustainable and as much as green as we can be!


  • Goals•
  • Creating Original Arabic Content that keeps our clients satisfied and our Audience engaged with our interactive production solutions.


Creative content project is taking content creation to a new level. Our goal is to make original Arabic content that will cover what is missing from TV stations by working with great young talented visual storytellers from the region.


INTEGRACAST created Fotobees Creative Lab, it is one of a kind in the region. It combines the creative side of the process with the technical part for both content creators and super creative young engineers. This project started in Amman-Jordan for visual storytellers and soon will be launched in Dubai and other cities in the region.


• Social media services

INTEGRACAST services also include specialized social and new media services that will host many of new media projects from content creation to social experience.


We developed new method that combine classic media and promotion with new media in our project The Social GuruD. is an online platform that will be specialized in producing original content from the region to fill up some gaps that the audience do not normally find in their classic TV stations.


Everyone needs a high five to celebrate their achievements, but not always we find the right people to encourage us and give us the support we need. This is why we are launching our Social media platform because everyone deserves a high five.


Scope of Work

Tabi360 is a concept came from a full connected cycle, a total production and content solution provider and visual storytellers.  

  • Creating original Formats is the key element to start the 360 cycle

  • Production and creative services that best suit our clients.

  • Digital Interactive Contents to stay in touch with our Audience.

  • Social GuruD : Social media services  for Media outlets as we understand traditional media with the experienced team with digital and social interaction methods knowledge we know how to reach the right audience with new and creative solutions.

  • Tabi3 CreativeLab, is the catalyst for the 360 process , we complete the full cycle by experimenting with new equipment,techniques and technologies before we add the new experience on our next production.    


    social media with a total solutions to create full campaigns to outreach potential engagers for our clients with no monkey business but with a gorilla style and we achieve our job with limitless ideas.

  • Our full solution method that combine creating Creative content and help the client to know their clients needs and wants to create the desired satisfaction and achieving all the goals checklist.