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Content Distribution 

Content is part of CMS DNA, As avid film fans, we know how to launch our content to the right audience with full marketing, packaging and localise the messages for the targeted audience. 



CMS has partnered with a lead international sales agent to bring international premium content to the region

Latido was born in 2003 and dedicated to commercializing Spanish-speaking and European films all over the world.

We pursue new talents and support established directors in order to create a catalogue with a variety of high-quality titles. We work as much with arthouse films as with box-office hits. Animation films and ground-breaking documentaries are also substantial in our projects.

To ensure our quality standards our line-up doesn't reach more than 15 titles per year.

Latest Projects

Khorfakkan film


Written by H.H Dr Sultan Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi Ruler of Sharjah based on a true story. 

At the beginning of the 1500s, during the Portuguese conquests on the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, and Arabian Gulf, a village on the edge of sea revolts against the Portuguese rule and conquer after years of oppression, In pursuit of freedom.

Our Role: 

CMS is the film sales agent and distribution consultant. 

Launching the film with MAF-VOX in the UAE on December 17th 2020 the film was among the top 5 for few weeks.

Our creative team did the full branding (The film main poster, billboards, printables, lampposts and digital screen)

Main poster Basic flate HD.jpg


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