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We tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients from both public and private sector, as we aim to build a long term relationship and achieve the desired goals together. 

CMSGulf provides high-quality turnkey solutions for establishing and upgrading TV channels that include broadcast systems integration, technical and engineering services and ongoing professional engineering consultancy services. 

Additionally, we offer a variety of services to cater content creation fields including TV, Films and digital platforms, as our leadership team provides dynamic solutions for content development and creative producing consultancy, production services and green production planning and monitoring.​

Our technical services include all broadcast technology components: 

  • Sound stages design and integration.

  • TV Broadcast design and integration.

  • Digital media studios design and integration.

  • Post-Production suites.

  • Transmission rooms.

  • Automation systems.

  • Infrastructure (Connectivity).

CMSGulf is a unique outsourcing provider for TV channels operations in the region.

Clients who have chosen our excellent outsourcing services have gained more focus on their core activities, saved money, gained more operational control, and developed the skills of their staff. Our operations team is always ready for the challenge

to manage and operate any TV station new or old, with high calibre professionals from engineering to creative directors to certified technicians and operators.

Creating original formats.

  • Scriptwriting and Content Development.

  • Digital and Interactive Content.

  • Concepts creation.


  • Producing and Co-Producing TV and Films.

  • Production services.

  • Branding and Creative Services.

CMS content development & Production division was re-launched in 2013 as part of Creative Media Solutions turnkey services.

The Division is specialised in Edutainment production for TV and digital platforms, Film and TV Drama, Format Development, Interactive Content, and Creative Services.

The Division completes the Media Business triangle at Creative Media Solutions (Operations - Technology - Content). 

Because we are based in the UAE, this gives us access to the latest technologies and local knowledge which allows us to create local content for a worldwide audience.

  • Media business and operational consultancy. 

  • Sustainable media consultancy.

  • Content distribution and packaging consultancy.

  • Media technology.





Over the phone or online


+971 4 362 5409

If you want to work with us, contact us here:


Dubai Studio City 

Building 2 Office 506-508

Abu Dhabi Office 


Park Rotana office building 6 807F

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